Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is probably the most difficult shopping experience in any man’s life. It isn’t like buying a birthday gift — choosing a gift for this special occasion won’t just show your affection toward her, but your degree of commitment as well.

The nature of the gift can reflect how much you care, or don’t care, about her. TheValentine's Day Gift Ideas meaning of your gift also varies according to the seriousness and the type of relationship you’re in. Here are a few basic gift ideas, depending on your particular relationship level.

Body Care Basket

Women never seem to have enough beauty products, so feed her vanity a little and get her a set of every lotion, toner, soap, and bath salt she can use. You’ll thank me later when her skin is all soft and sweet for you. Go the extra mile: Include her favorite perfume in the basket and give her a rubdown with the body cream.


Another fashion accessory that’s very popular with the female persuasion, most women can always use another purse to match their shoes, belt, coat, etc. Go the extra mile: Initialize the purse and/or stuff it with little gifts like a wallet, or a scarf with a pair of gloves.

A Special Date

There’s no going wrong here. Take your woman out on a romantic date. It can be lunch, brunch or dinner, depending on what day Valentine’s falls on. Or you can recreate your first date and relive the thrill of the honeymoon phase. Spare no expense here. Go the extra mile: Send her an invitation via snail mail and tell her to wear the dress you bought her for the occasion.


These are classics that work like magic if you put a little extra effort into the deed (read: don’t get her a single rose wrapped in gift paper). Talk to your florist about an intricate arrangement: each flower signifies something else, like romance, loyalty or purity, so pick the ones that match your woman most. Go the extra mile: Give her the flowers in a vase.


Show her how much you care by giving her the closest thing to sex (at least that’s what women claim). If you came here in search of the perfect gift, she likely deserves it. Go the extra mile: Get a custom selection of her favorite flavors and fillings, and feed them to her while you share champagne and strawberries.

Picture & Frame

Here’s a good way to immortalize your love: give her a portrait of the happy couple in a high-quality cube frame. You can blow up that great set of pictures of the two of you or hire a professional photographer to do the job. Go the extra mile: Make one for yourself also, so that you both have the same pictures and frame.

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