Berlin is the capital of Germany since 1990. After making it trough two World Wars and a devastating dictatorship, the city recovered, ready to show the world it’s new image! After the fall of the wall, Berlin gradually reinvented itself, and the famous Film Festival is great example of the cultural influence the city has nowadays. A trip to Berlin will give you the chance to visit one of the many museums, and to get to know the warm and open culture of the German people.

The Alexanderplatz is one of the most popular squares in Berlin. Here we find business men, punks, tourists,.. In the times of the GDR, it was the hearth of Berlin. It’s not the most beautiful square in town but for sure the busiest, during day as well as during night. Here is where the node of public transport lies, Metro, trams and buses and avenues all come together here. The Berolinahaus and Alexanderhaus are two buildings preserved from the socialist times. Another curiosity is the TV tower, Fernsehturm, with it’s 368 meter it’s the second highest building in Europe, and it offers an amazing view of the city. On the top there is a restaurant, that slowly turns around to give you a view of 360 degree on Berlin.

Museuninsel Berlin-Mitte: the museum island, a Unesco world heritage site. This quarter is dedicated to culture since the 19th century, when the oldest museum in the city, the Altes Museum opened its doors in 1830. On this island we also find the Neues Museum, known for its Egyptian collection. It was seriously damaged after World War II, and was only re-opened for the public in March 2009. The most visited museum however is the Pergamonmuseum which consists of 3 buildings placed in a U-shape.

The Berlin International Film Festival or Berlinale is one of the biggest and most respected film festivals in the world. Every year in February, many movies are presented in this competition. The festival was created in 1951 by the allies, who wanted to present Berlin as a “window to the west” to the rest of the world.

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Ujwala is a student and completing her graduation from a University in Berlin-Brandenburg capital region. The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of the most prolific centers of higher education and research in the European Union. The city has four universities and numerous private, professional and technical colleges (Fachhochschulen), offering students a wide range of disciplines.

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