Sonia Santosh has sent her photo from Edinburgh UK. Sonia is doing MBA from Edinburgh University Management School. Sonia tells that UK has long been a popular destination for Indian students to study in UK. With more than 150 institutes of higher education to choose from. U.K. is one of the few countries that allows international students to work even outside the campus. Students can work up-to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during vacations.

About MBA Sonnia tells that in the present international business market, every professional job requires to have the business management and administration skills, which can be acquired through an MBA program. In addition to the basic business knowledge, MBA program enhance the individuals’ ability to compete with other professionals for current and future job opportunities. The study of business management. Holding an MBA degree can offer excellent opportunities for the students who are in search for a career in the competitive business world. It is specifically designed to withstand the rapid changes in the business arena. The program aims to develop the skills of independent search and decision-making based on the broad systematic knowledge. It is a tough educational program where students acquire new knowledge and skills.

In the end Sonia wrties in her email that the amount of foreign students currently studying in UK is now nearly 1 million. The British government puts a high value on foreign students is doing all it can to attract these students away from other competing educational institutes in other countries. UK universities are renowned for their high academic standards and this reputation is the reason why the UK is the first choice for foreign students. UK Universities are always being evaluated by professional bodies to ensure their teaching is of the highest standards.

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The writer and sender of this article is Sonia Santosh.  Sonia Santosh has sent her photo from Edinburgh UK.  Sonia is doing MBA from Edinburgh University Management School.

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