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The Gujarat University is the statewide institution affiliating many reputed colleges across the state of Gujarat, India. It has been given a B++ ranking by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It is one of the best and most versatile higher education institutions in India. Also, it is one of the largest university systems in the subcontinent with over 224,000 students on its campus and at various affiliated colleges. It is particularly well known for its Medical, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Commerce and Management colleges. The university runs sectoral/specific program in Port Management, Nano Technology, Tissue Culture.

The Gujarat University was conceived in the nineteen twenties in the minds of public-spirited and learned men like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Acharya Anandshankar B. Dhruva, Dada Saheb Mavlankar, and Kasturbhai Lalbhai. The University was set up after independence for India. In 1949, the University was incorporated under the Gujarat University Act of the State Government ‘as a teaching and affiliating University.’ This was done as a measure of decentralisation and reorganization of University education in the then Province of Bombay.

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Gujarati Girl

Aastha is living with her family in west most state of India, Gujarat. Aastha is like other Gujarati is proud of her Gujarati identity. Aastha says Gujarat has a rich history and it was home to Indus valley civilization. Gujarat has always played a great role in India’s economy throughout the history. Also Gujarat is home to Mahatma Gandhi. Aashta is a student of MBA Finance and have plan to become a successful business executive. Aashta is studying in University of Gujarat.

Brief Description of Fine Art

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Fine Art Degree Student

Art can be rightly described as the “expression of the appealing according to aesthetic principles”. The word ‘fine’ attached with ‘art’ does no wonders to denote the remarkable quality, but it redefines the purity in the institution of art! Over the years of its study and experimentation, fine arts has been personified as ‘visual art forms’ that include painting, sculpture, architecture and print making. This implies, rightly, that this discipline tends to exclude art forms classified as craft-work or applied art (example, textiles). A synonym for what we describe herein can be ‘visual art’.

Fine arts seeks no age, it only breeds a thought that needs a vent. A child learning to paint does not care about what others might say about what he paints, such is the essence of fine arts. A person of any age or sex or religion can indulge into the extravaganza of feelings and then find a new way, into self exploration, who knows that simple mixing of colors might give him the fame of a lifetime, or even better if the palette can satisfy the excited soul!!!

Fine art is further categorized into Architecture, Ceramics, Dance, Drawing, Film, Fine art photography, Furniture, Intermedia (interdisciplinary, traditionally referred to as Fine Art Media), Literature, Music & Opera, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles and Theatre. Classifying art does not mean that unbreakable walls have been created around it, suffocating it to fatality. Categorizing is only done so as to create tables for each one of these because rapidly multiplying contributions in them.

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Roshani is a fine art degree student. She is studying in a famous Art School. There are degree granting and non-degree granting art schools, art schools with classrooms and online art courses. Some non-degree art courses give “Certificates of Completion.” So Roshani picked a full degree art school.

Glasgow in Scotland is the United Kingdom’s fourth largest city and is a city that has reinvented itself, from being an economically depressed centre to a magnificent modern metropolis. With its thriving arts and culture scene, culture vultures are drawn to its art galleries, Victorian architecture, and art events. Glasgow was dubbed ‘The European City of Culture’ and ‘City of Architecture’ in the 1990′s.

Glasgow is a major center of education and academic research. Kanwal is completing her post-graduate studies in IR (international relations) from University of Glasgow. The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. Located in Glasgow, the university was founded in 1451 and is presently one of seventeen British higher education institutions ranked amongst the top 100 of the world. The University’s teaching quality was assessed in 2009 to be among the top 10 in the United Kingdom, along with its reputation as a “research powerhouse”, whose income from annual research contracts also placing among the top 10 the UK.

Glasgow offers one thing that every women loves i.e, great shopping malls. In-fact Glasgow should be named as shopping capital of UK. Glasgow considered to offer the best shopping experience in Scotland and second only to London.

The epicentre of Glasgow shopping is the so-called “Golden Z”, made up of the largely pedestrianised thoroughfares of Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street and Argyle Street. Virtually all of the big name retailers are represented here, with some of the stores being second only to their London counterparts in terms of size and range. The main shopping centres are Buchanan Galleries and the St. Enoch Centre, claimed to be the largest glass-enclosed structure in Europe, along with the up-market Princes Square Mall and the Italian Centre specialising in designer clothing, jewellery and audio equipment.

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University of Glasgow

Kanwal Khan is living with her hubby in Glasgow. Kanwal is a post-graduate student, she had completed her initial education from Punjab University, Lahore. Kanwal got married to her cousin. Kanwal is enjoying her life in Glasgow.

Opportunities in Software Engineering

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Sara had great interest in computers from her childhood. This interest led her to go into formal computer education. Now Sara is doing software engineering. Sara is interested in career in information technology sector or either software engineering.

The software engineering study program Sara is taking includes theoretical and practical aspects of computer programming and computer languages. This engineering program has also helped her acquire proficiency in communication skills and other aspect of software engineering design and development.

Some of the things Sara is learning in a programming school include the role software plays in real world applications and physical systems. The basics learned in the first year of the software engineer programs include programming, basic science, communications skills and engineering design.

Sara is confident about her future. The information technology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and it employs millions of people each year. A software engineering school program will give you a great chance to work in one of the highest paying industry that has predictable growth rates, flexible working hours and an environment that encourages creativity.

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Software Engineering Online Study

This article has written and  sent by Sara. Sara is studying in University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Informative Speech Tips

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Students who have successfully completed their studies and who are having their awards conferred at a ceremony are known as �graduands�. Following their conferment at the ceremony they leave as �graduates�.

The most important part of graduation ceremony for her was to deliver a graduation ceremony speech. Public speaking is fun and is also a nightmare. For some people, that is. I enjoy public speaking and I like it when nobody is yawning, and I found humor to be very effective in preventing an audience from yawning. But the problem is, not everybody can pull off with humor when you are speaking on stage. You are nervous, and the joke don’t just seem right. But trust me, if you can pull off one, then it will release the tension from you. And if you can laugh with the crowd, then the crowd is yours.

Since coming up with new jokes is not easy, Ghazala found that telling anecdotes from her past experience, specially where she was laughing at herself, seem to strike the chord more effectively.

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The writher and sender of this article is Ghazala. Ghazala recently celebrated her graduation and what a graduation ceremony it was! She is so happy to become a graduate. Graduation is the more common word for what is known technically in the University�s Charter & Statutes as �conferment� of degrees.

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