News Reporter Maria Saeed from Multan

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News Reporter Maria Saeed from Multan

Maria Saeed is a smiling face and talented girl from Multan, Pakistan. She is working as a news reporter in a local news channel. Since her childhood, she has a dream to become a top news reporter of Pakistan. So she is working day and night to make her dream true.

She sent her photo through email. She was wearing a pink kameez with black shalwar having dupatta in her neck. We are thankful to Maria and wish you all the best to make her dream true.

About Multan City

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Multan is known as the City of Sufi’s or City of Saints due to the large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the city. The city is full of bazaars, mosques, shrines and ornate tombs. It is located in a bend created by five rivers of the Punjab province. The Sutlej River separates it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. The city has grown to become an influential political and economical center for the country, with a dry port and excellent transport links. Multan is famous for its crops: wheat, cotton and sugar cane as well as mangoes, citrus, guavas and pomegranates.

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This article sent by Amna Sarfraz. She is cute and smart reader from Multan. She like embroidery for neck designs in free time.

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

Mar 1, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Pakistani University Girls

Bahauddin Zakariya University is located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Bahauddin Zakariya University was formerly known as Multan University. It was renamed in honor of Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya. Under the present circumstances when the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has curtailed its budget to the extent that it is adversely affecting even the bare minimum requirement of the university, the survival of these institutions solely depends on adopting measures to generate their own funds to maintain the standard of education, which is an absolute must for a developing country like ours. Keeping in view these facts, one can imagine the fate of institutions in a city like Multan.

Author more tells that quite contrary to this belief when you enter the gates of the Bahauddin Zakariya University, you are impressed by its lush green surroundings spread over acres of land. But you are simply amazed when you go around the different faculties and find an almost equal number of girl students moving around in the corridors of their respective departments. It is tremendously encouraging to see so many girls going for higher education in a highly conservative society like this. The number of total female students in this university is about 3,500 as against about 4,800 male, which is undoubtedly remarkable.

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This article senty by Laiba Shaheen. She is student of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. She likes to read daily because she finds a lot of useful information about Pakistan and India on it. She is much interested in study.

Cheap Birthday Gifts Ideas

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The choice of birthday gifts is unlimited. But in many situations, our budgets are limited and hence we have to look for cheap birthday gifts that suit our wallets and preferences. With a regular internet search engine, you can look up websites that provide sending free e-cards. By just keying in “free online birthday cards,” a bunch of websites that tenders sending birthday cards, free of charge, will be given to you. Nearly all websites separate the cards that are free from those that are needed to be purchased. Thus, once you started exploring these websites, you will have the idea that certain cards are free, and some are not. Cheap birthday gifts can assume a sophisticated look, provided you shop around for something extraordinary and make an additional attempt to decorate and wrap it. When opting for cheap birthday gifts, we should be aware that it is the spirit of gift-giving that we have to uphold rather than the price tag. Cheap birthday gifts are easy to find at gift stores, as well as online. Dollar stores, with an impressive array of gift items, are another possible alternative for the purchase of several items to create your own custom gift basket

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Pakistani Girl

This article sent by Tabinda from Multan.  Tabinda is student of 3rd year.  She like gifts and collecting gifts is her hobby. Tabinda has collected hundreds of gifts in her room.

How to Make Sense of Medical Studies

Nov 19, 2008 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Pakistani Girls

Study in UK

A pocketful of simple questions may be the best protection consumers can have to cope with the flood of health and medical news that makes headlines every day. Just how much is there? It’s hard to know, but at least one estimate says the presses are spewing out at least 1,000 studies each day. But whatever the number, it leaves a lot of consumers feeling like they are drowning in data.

It is simply impossible to keep up with it all. It’s not just the sheer number of studies and stories, which is overwhelming in and of itself, but it’s also the appearance of conflicting results among studies examining the same phenomena. Does fiber prevent colon cancer or not? Does a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables really affect a woman’s risk of breast cancer, or not? Trying to make sense of it all is sort of like mental whiplash.

So, what is a person to do?

For starters, ask a few questions. The answers will help you tell the good studies from the bad ones. (more…)

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