India International Jewellery Week 2011 Photos

India International Jewellery Week is going to its way. On this event, Indian Jewellery designer show the multiple Jewellery designed. In most popular Jewellery designer includes, Gaehna jewelers, Tanishq, Monica kapoor, sangam chains jewelry and most famous Ekani jewelrs. All these designers showcased their marvelous collection. The bollywood celebrities also took part on India International Jewellery Week. See here more photos. (more…)

Important Information About New Jewellery Designs

Nov 16, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Women In Business

Hyderabad Girl

No doubt some of the new people, giving new trend to a centuries old famous jewelery market of Hyderabad.  While designing a piece of jewelery for an individual, so many things should be kept in mind. Firstly the person from whom you are designing, secondly shapes, styles, and colors for that particular type of design, including all requirements and limitations that are necessary to make the piece comfortable and functional. If these aspects are kept in mind, your client will have a piece of jewelery that will fit an individual’s personality, way of life, and be most becoming to her his appearance. In this way client will accrue jewelery that can become an integral part of their wardrobe and remain cherished possession for many years and perhaps many generations.

Jewelry is a wonderful accessory which can be designed in a wide range of metals & gemstones. These gem stones can be used with different sizes, colors, and varieties. Diamond is the most beautiful Gem materials that compose your jewelery design.

Jewelery has no value limit but if customer ordered it for a particular amount that time we have to design our product but keeping in mind this limit. Just imagine that a customer required a piece for fifty thousand rupees that piece should be fifty thousand after charging our profit. We must mind about profit and cost. If jewelery piece costing is fifty thousand that time it is very difficult to convince them why the price is out of budget. So is must be very clear that price of ordered piece should not exceed beyond to customer’s budget.

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Hina Sethi is a jewelery designer from Hyderabad. Hina Sethi’s personality is full of life, she is cheerful and very pleasant. Hina has completed her masters in art and a special designing diploma of jewelery design.

Indian Jewelry

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Indian Jewelry

Dear reader today we publishing an informative post about Indian Jewelry for you. Indian jewelry is available in gold, silver, and diamonds and now there is a great demand for artificial and costume jewelry. However, Indians have a penchant for the yellow metal and this makes India the largest consumer of gold and gold ornaments in the world. Indian art and culture bears traces of different rulers and religions, over the centuries, absorbing the best from them while retaining its uniqueness.

Antique or oxidized jewelry has a huge market and is fashionable among the younger generation. It comprises silver ornaments in contemporary designs that are chic and affordable and one can buy them in varied styles. You can choose from a range of fusion jewelry available in interesting combinations like beads like rudraksh, glass, gold threads, and paper and flower jewelry.

Every one knows that Indian women have a special relationship with jewelry. It signifies their marital status in the form of bangles for Punjabi brides, rings for others or the traditional mangal sutra for Maharashtrians. Jewelry is the most important accessory for a woman in her beautification, especially when participating in marriages and important religious functions and hence forms an integral part of her wardrobe.

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