How to made Your Honeymoon Trip Perfect

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A honeymoon is a great occasion for newlyweds. A fun-filled and exciting honeymoon can be memorable, and is a source of great pleasure and excitement.The pristine beaches and the rain-forests give you an idea that this exotic land of human craving can give you the riches.

Here we would like to provide a little honeymoon advice for newly we couples. Proper planning is of paramount importance for making a honeymoon vacation trouble-free.

The necessary arrangements should be made, and proper care taken to organize the honeymoon vacation in such a manner so that it matches the couples� specific financial plan. Couples can plan to spend their honeymoon vacation in a tropical destination or can add a sense of adventure and exploration to their trip by journeying across Europe. They can also enjoy their special vacation by unwinding on board a cruise ship.

There are numerous places for honeymoon vacations, with lots of exquisite things to discover and novel experiences to benefit from but important thing is to plan properly to have lots of fund.

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honeymoon vacation

Ajay and Sumon sent this photo of their honeymoon vacation trip. A memorable trip for two love birds. They visited Bahamas, stayed at small islands. Holidaying in the rich, tropical honeymoon resorts was the best way to start a blissful married life for this couple.

Popular Honeymoon Destination – Caribbean

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The Caribbean has long remained a luxury honeymoon paradise due to its endless sandy beaches and perfect tropical climate. The remote atmosphere of many of the island’s more luxurious resorts has also helped to attract thousands of people every year.

The Caribbean is an amazing destination for young couples looking into romantic honeymoons. From the stunning beaches to the gorgeous sunsets, there’s simply no better place to stay. There are a variety of lodging options available in the Caribbean, but really the best places to stay are in resorts. That said, you might as well stay in one of the top resorts for the area if you truly want the full Caribbean experience. You can always save money by getting an all-inclusive package anyway, so a little extra expense is well worth the bonuses you can get from elite resorts. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay in the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation

Shalini and Raj decided to spend their honeymoon vacation in Caribbean (this photo sent in by Raj). Two love birds enjoyed the best time of their life this summer on sandy beaches. They set off from their home in UK to Caribbean for 3 week stay. They still remember this trip and recommend for every new wed couple.

Caribbean Holiday Experience on Cruise Ship

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Esha has sent us photo of her adventures during Caribbean holidays this summer. This is yet another photo from people visiting Caribbean and I’m in love with these white sandy beaches and blue waters. Waters those are so clear that you can see sea bed and all marine life. Caribbean is a heaven for sea surfers and sea divers.

We were also sent photos of our visitors cruising in Caribbean. Cruising is also another luxurious activity that you can perform in Caribbean.
A cruise ship or a cruise liner is primarily a ship for the passengers. This kind of ship is usually used for pleasure trips. A cruise ship provides its travelers with such unique and outstanding facilities that the voyage through it also becomes a part of entertainment journey.

With the passage of time, the cruising has made an important place in the industry of tourism. The cruise ships mainly transport the passengers from one place to another, and take them back again. While some cruise or ocean liners only carry the travelers to the other place, they do not take them back. Still, some cruise ships operate on longer round tours. In this case, the ship does not return to the same port for a long time.

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Caribbean Holiday

Esha is working in a software design firm in Gurgaon distrcit.  Anita is working in Gurgaon’s booming IT industry which has not only revolutionized her city Gurgaon but also their state Haryana.

Famous Tourist Destination – Saint Lucia

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Caribbean has become the most exotic holiday destination in the world. So Richa picked Caribbean. The huge swath of Atlantic Ocean has many great islands that invite the tourists from all over the world. Their main destination was Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

Located in the eastern part of Caribbean, St. Lucia forms the southern border with the Atlantic Ocean. That is the reason behind the island’s beautiful beaches that represent a mix of blue and green waters and lagoons. Being at the heart of the Caribbean, St. Lucia attracts a large number of tourists.

The peak season in St Lucia runs from December to March as people want to escape from the cold winters of Europe and North America. While you can enjoy a great holiday during the peak season, it can surely make a dent in your savings. Richa wanted to save some money and still enjoy a luxury holiday, so they decided to visit St. Lucia in off season.

That was a great holiday, they enjoyed a lot at these beautiful beaches, diving, and got some tan too.

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Caribbean Holidays

The writers of this article are Richa and Poja.  Richa (left) and Poja (right) are two friends. They are based in California USA. Richa and Poja visited Caribbean this summer on a 3 week holiday trip.

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