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Style Guide For Dressing Up Abaya

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Dressing is very important element in your life. Your personality is well judged by your very first appearance and the way you talk. A good dressing don’t mean to impress anybody, but to show your personality and kindness. Nowdays people has turned over to short clothes but the most suitable clothes for outdoor purpose is to wear Abaya. Abaya is the most sophisticated outfit that don’t highlight your body but your personality. People look more careful and respected towards the one wearing abaya. Abaya protects your physical appearance and enhance your identity. We have brought style guide for dressing up abaya.
1.You should choose a loose abaya that would give you nice effect.Fabric should be Chiffon and silk because of their flowy nature.
2.An abaya should not be so heavy with all those pearls and diamonds but rather choose a simple one with low work.
3.Dont choose too long abaya but it should be floor length without a tail.
4.Black color abaya look best and major element of style guide for dressing up abaya.
5. Abaya should not too much tight. Keep it loose. For waterfall look use pleats on the back of waist of abaya.
We have described the best abaya appearance in front of you. Go shopping and choose the best. Good Luck!



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