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Everyone should set a goal for his life because setting a realistic goal is very important for your success. Goal setting has emotional as well as physical factors. Setting a goal is like making a promise to yourself. If you make a promise and don’t keep it, this undermines your relationship to yourself, your confidence and your self-esteem. It gets worse: when you undermine your relationship with yourself, it will be harder to maintain high quality relationships with others.

This concept may seem a bit expansive, but how do you feel when someone else doesn’t keep their promise to you? Surely, it doesn’t feel good, and it can only feel worse when you do it to yourself. Worst of all, you might have gotten used to letting yourself down, or maybe you’ve come to expect it. Setting even just one realistic health goal and achieving it can help boost your confidence and esteem. The more you build, the more others will take note and treat you with the respect you crave and deserve.

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Dear readers Ramsha Noreen is our permanent reader from Islamabad. Ramsha is medical student. She  promised herself to become a doctor and now she is going to fulfill her promise.

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