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Pakistani Designer Dresses 2015-16

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Fashion industry has always played a major role for dresses, whether its stylish dresses or designer dresses. In this flashy world the designer dresses are always the demand of people. Each year fashion industry revealed new verdant styles of these sorts of dresses which have been designed by famous fashion designers and brands. Although Pakistani industry wasn’t well established decade ago but now Pakistani designer dresses lures the world. These dresses contain the pure traditional look and classy styles. However some of these dresses hold mixture of western and eastern look which creates the mesmeric climate.

Pakistani Designer Dresses 2015-16

Designing a Pakistani designer dress is not an easy task but Pakistani fashion designer and leading brands have done great job, they are terribly artistic and talented. Maheen ali, Deepak parwani, mohsin ali, nickie nina,Karma, Bareeze, Gul Ahmed and Amir adnan are the popular designers and brands who always exhibit their splendid designs and appraised by international industry. Especially in India Pakistani fabric and couture are quite famous among Indian women, according to time of India.  These coutures are embroided kurta, Peshwaz, long frowk with maxi, gowns and gharara. Some of these dresses are perfect for wedding and engagements.

Several exhibitions held in different countries with over 100 top brands and designer dresses from Pakistan especially in India. Pakistani designer dresses are selling like hot coke but they are quite expensive due to high tax and import duty but people still but in foreign and in India. People were astonished to see the versatile designs coming from Pakistan. Some of them said they never knew that Pakistani designs were this beautiful. From color combination to cuts everything is so different from what they used to wear.  Just because of splendid work by designers Pakistani is rising and shinning in international industry of fashion.


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