Beautiful Young Pakistani Girl Loves to Wear Anklet

Aiman Zaheer is a beautiful young Pakistani girl who recently shared her photo through our contact form. Recently she got her Bachelor degree and now she is going to take admission in Mass communication in Lahore’s popular Punjab University.

Aiman likes to wear anklet. She writes, “Anklet, Ankle bracelet, Pazaib or ankle chain is an ornament worn around the ankle.” This gorgeous blue dress Aiman photo was taken at her friends’ marriage ceremony.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Latest Hot Photo Gallery

Apr 12, 2014 Author: Radek | Filed under: Celebrities

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Latest Hot Photo Gallery

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is simply known as Samantha. She is a popular Indian model and film actress who mainly works in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Today we propose you to see latest Samantha Ruth Prabhu photo gallery. She is looking very spicy and gorgeous in short yellow dress, red skirt and saree. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nose Piercing by Shehmaz Gul from Jhang, Pakistan

Nose piercing is the piercing of the cartilage or skin which forms any part of the nose. The main purpose of nose piercing is wearing jewelry; among the different varieties and styles of nose piercings, the nostril piercing is the most popular and common. The nose piercing is very common in Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

Shehmaz Gul is a 20-year-old beautiful girl, belongs to well known city and district Jhang, Pakistan. She likes to wear jewelry in nose. She sent us her recent nose piercing photo via email. You can also send us your favorite pictures with little description through our contact form.

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6 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Papaya

Apr 7, 2014 Author: Radek | Filed under: Beauty

Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Beauty

Papaya is a fruit of the plant Carica papaya, originated from South America. This plant has many benefits. Young leaves can be eaten as a vegetable.
The fruit is oval shaped, orange, fleshy, sweet and also has many benefits. In addition to cheap and easily availability, papaya fruit contains vitamin A, which is useful for eye health as well as natural fruit fibers sufficient to maintain digestive health.

But it turns out the papaya fruit also has many benefits for beauty, you know. Want to know what are the benefits? Here we describe the 6 benefits of papaya fruit for beauty summarized from Style Craze.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

If your skin is dull and started popping acne scars or black spots caused by sun exposure, hospitalization course with papaya is benefit to remove dead skin cells. This fruit contains on vitamin A that is effective for exfoliation.

Papaya fruit puree and mix with a little milk, then used as a mask on your face. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indian Working Women Neha Singhal Loves Traveling

Neha Singhal is a beautiful 32-year-old married woman from Chandigarh. She is working in a Software company as Directing Manager. She has only one hobby and that is traveling. She has visited various popular cities of India like Mumbai, New Dehli, Pune, Hyderabad etc.

This time Neha is visiting Bangalore because her company is going to introduce their new branch in Bangalore. This photo was taken when she arrived at the branch location. She was looking very gorgeous wearing black sunglasses and open hair. If you like Neha’s photo just send us your feedback. Thank You!

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