Study in UK – Post Graduation in UK Universities

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Uzma is an ex pat studying in UK’s one of the premier Universities. Uzma’s family reside in Qatar while she is studying in UK. Uzma picked UK because she thinks its the best destination for studying abroad. The British Council puts the total number of overseas students currently studying in Britain – at all academic levels – at nearly one million, with two-fifths of post-graduate students hailing from other countries. The British government’s increasing recognition of the value of this phenomenon to the British economy overall is likely to increase its efforts to attract these students away from competing institutions in other countries and to address the complex student-visa laws that most overseas students cite as the greatest – and often the only – disincentive to seeking graduate degrees in the UK.

Like many other students who eventually go to the UK itself, Uzma was educated in a British school in Qatar. As a result, she said, she knew both that British teaching was high-quality, that the professors at British universities had international reputations as leaders in their fields – and, crucially, that alumni of British universities enjoyed a level of professional success on return to their homeland that made them the envy of their generation.

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Tennis Player At University Level

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Ayesha is our new commer and want to tell us about here and Tennis. First she writes about herself, Ayesha is a postgraduate student in a UK university. She is from Pakistan. Studying in UK for last few years. Ayesha is a good tennis player, she plays tennis at University level. There are four teams that represent the University in numerous regional and international competitions, Ayesha is member of one of these teams.

Ayesha’s hobby and passion is playing tennis. She says “Tennis may seem like a difficult game to master, but, as with many sports, if you break down the shots you hit in tennis into their basic forms, you will find that getting better at tennis is not too difficult. In any sport, a targeted exercise regime will bring benefits. A tennis strength and conditioning programme should help bring greater energy to your shots and extra stamina, but without compromising your speed round the court or making you sluggishly muscle laden.

Your tennis strength and conditioning work needs to be designed so you can deliver power quickly and with force – and be able to maintain that over a long period of time. This means that once you have a good basic level of fitness any work with weights should be done with vigour – less weight and more dramatic repetitions will mirror what you do when you strike the ball.”

Ayesha can be find working hard on University campus while studying and working out in Tennis court. We wish you great success for your future!

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Product Design Consultant and Product Designer

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Amria Signh is our new reader and she sent an email to us about Product Designing. She writes, Product design is concerned with the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products. Amrita is working as a product designer in medium size company. She is graduated from a reputable product design school of Europe. She got engaged 2 years back to her cousin back in Jalandhar. In this photo she is visiting her native village, to go there Amrita has to ride train and train travel is what she love the most.

Her passion and field of interest is product design. Product design can be defined as the idea generation, concept development, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a physical object or service. Product Designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making them tangible through products in a more systematic approach. The role of a product designer encompasses many characteristics of the marketing manager, product manager, industrial designer and design engineer.

As a product designer she has to be equipped with the skills needed to bring products from conception to market. She should have the ability to manage design projects, and subcontract areas to other sectors of the design industry.

Amrita has her own views about product design, she says, “Consumer product manufacturers need to face the facts. There is competition from similar competing products coming from all directions. Your competition has a product that has about the same build quality, functionality, and pricing. So how do you really compete in such a crowded market space? The short answer: Design.”

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Paradise of Beaches, Puerto Rico

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It is said about Puerto Rico that Puerto Rico is a paradise with some of the most beautiful, clean beaches in the Caribbean. There are beaches all over the island and all are perfect for vacationing. With breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear water, and sandy white shores, this island is a perfect place to get away.

Sonia sent this article through our contact form. Sonia loves the diversity that Puerto Rico offers. She says its a diverse place, everything is diverse so you don’t get bored here. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea southeast of Florida, this U.S. commonwealth contains a richness of elements unparalleled by most other places of its size. Nearly four million people call Puerto Rico home, and most are able to trace their lineage back through hundreds of tumultuous years. Whether their ancestors hail from Spain, France, Scotland, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, or somewhere else, the citizens of this densely populated territory all proudly call themselves Puertorriquenos. A visit to this island will give you a glimpse of an indisputably colorful tale of immigration, hopefulness, and ultimately, racial and ethnic harmony.

Puerto-Rico-Beach Vacation

Not only are the people of Puerto Rico diverse, but the geography is as well. White sandy beaches, lush forests, deserts, and rivers mix and mingle to create a landscape of endless beauty and surprising variety. The island is 60% mountainous, and contains 28,000 acres of rain forest that are kept brimming with life by an astonishing 100 billion gallons of rainfall per year. Much of the forest has been declared an International Biosphere Reserve, and is home to thousands of birds, 700 species of plants, and a large number of coqui frogs, the mascot of Puerto Rico.

Sonia want to share few more moments from her travelling adventures but she want to read good comments :)

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IT Outsource Consultant From Karachi

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Business Process Outsourcing is the outsourcing of jobs related to customer service, like call center voice communications, and telemarketing. Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the outsourcing of IT processes which require outsourcing consultants with specific technological backgrounds. These outsourcing consultants must be able to handle complex informational transactions like legal research, insurance claims, and patent searches.

Many companies turn to outsourcing consultants to provide them with the intellectual and informational resources they lack, and for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire staff with comparable abilities. The cost of labor in developed nations continues to climb, and many companies are doing whatever they can to maintain their profit margins.


Kalpana Baidi is outsource consultant from Bangalore, India. Kalpana is working in an Indian software development company, her job is to as a consultant with clients from North America and Europe. Kalpana is one of the many Indian youth those are working in a booming IT industry.

BPO and KPO, they may mean nothing to millions of people, but to thousands of businesses, they mean saving big money by outsourcing. BPO stands fro Business Process Outsourcing, and KPO for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The difference between then is in the type of work being outsourced. So outsourcing consultants for important work is becoming more and more common, and there are companies which give most or all of their intellectual work to outsource consultant providers in India.

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