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Lets read a brief article on introduction of Nagpur city. Nagpur lies in the heart of India. It is located under the Vidarbha area of the state of Maharashtra. It is the third largest city in Maharashtra. It is well known throughout the world for its juicy oranges, so it earned the nickname of ‘The Orange City’. As it is situated in the center of India, many industries have come up in and around Nagpur taking advantage of the fact that all regions of India can be accessed easily with supply chain and distribution networks. There are chances of International Airport and an International Cargo Hub being set up at Nagpur. This will further give an encouragement to the economy in the region. Nagpur is known for wood and woodworking applications industry like furniture, along with cotton based industries.

Nagpur is also an education center. Nagpur. Students from all corners come to Nagpur to study. Nagpur University is among the oldest and most important universities in India. Among other subjects, Hindi and Sanskrit are an integral part of culture and tradition of Nagpur. Lots of engineering colleges and management schools have also come up in the city. The city of Nagpur is popular for their attitude of staying calm whenever there are in conflict with the rest of the Indian cities. The biggest hollow sputa called Deekshabhoomi is found in the city. It is one of the most significant places in the Dalit Buddhist Movement. There are various religious events celebrated in this city annually. One of these is the Ram Navami, celebrated with a shobha yatra which means huge float processions depicting the numerous proceedings from the Ramayana are present.

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Ankita (standing right) has emailed this article from Nagpur.  Ankita is doing masters in social sciences from Nagpur University.  The purpose of sending her photo Ankita tells that when she saw that many girls are introducing their cities and sharing knowledge, so she decided to introduce her city too.

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