There are two types of business communication in an organization:

1. Internal Communication
2. External Communication

Internal Communication

Communication within an organization is called “Internal Communication”.

It includes all communication within an organization. It may be informal or a formal function or department providing communication in various forms to employees.

Effective internal communication is a vital mean of addressing organizational concerns. Good communication may help to increase job satisfaction, safety, productivity, and profits and decrease grievances and turnover.

Under Internal Business Communication types there come;

a) Upward Communication
b) Downward Communication
c) Horizontal/Literal communication

External Communication

Communication with people outside the company is called “external communication”. Supervisors communicate with sources outside the organization, such as vendors and customers.
It leads to better;

* Sales volume
* Public credibility
* Operational efficiency
* Company profits

It should improve

* Overall performancee
* Public goodwill
* Corporate image

Ultimately, it helps to achieve

* Organizational goals
* Customer satisfaction

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This writer and the sender of this article is Rashmi Tarpathi. She lives in Mumbai. Her father is a businessman, so you can ask her a modern girl. Rashmi is doing MBA and wants to join her father business in future.

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