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Latest Pakistani Hair Style Trend For Men & Women

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One of the most characteristic that grooms anyone’s personality is Hair style. During this wealthy and trendy age stylest introduces several hair styles. We can say changing a hair style  is a common trend. Especially new generation are adapting new type of hair styles whenever they got a chance for haircut. If we go back in between 80’s and 90’s, people of Asia has its own hair styles trend due to less communication with the European side. Indian and Pakistani hair styles were meant to be the trend setter in Asia. However time has changed now.

Couple of decade age for men Long hair with mullet, ducktail, pompadour, and comb over was the notable vintage Pakistani hairstyles and women were fond of Beehive, Bouffant, feathered and bun hairstyles and bowl cut for kids. In the beginning of 21st century fashion industry got the boost and several styles came, In men frosted tips, Spikes, modern mullet, Bleached spike (famous in youngsters) and fauxhawk hair styles. Crimps, side pony tails, pin straight and bohemian waves were popular in women. Even teenage like the spiky hair buzz cut and ceaser cut. Current hair styles are very famous among teenage boys and men which are undercut/undercut fade, slick hair/retro slick hair and forward fringe

In this technological era people can easily search several hair style trend on internet. People of Pakistan were not aware of latest hair style back in previous age; there was tussle going on that what type of Pakistani hair style should adapt. But now wind has changed its direction because folks of Pakistan have gotten good sense regarding fashion of hair and internet played the best part in it. Several new hair designs are adapting by every age of people. However still the big part of Pakistan still having the old style. But soon media and internet will enlighten this part.

Hair Style Trend 2015-16 For Women

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new hair style

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Hair Style Trend 2015-16 For Men

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