Latest Pakistani Dresses For Men 2016-17

pakistani dresses for men
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It’s a fact that with the passage of time there is always a new trend comes in dresses. Although every amendment is the alteration of the previous one however it appeals the world. Well every country has its own culture and a national dress similarly Pakistan has its own national dress too. Due to vast change in fashion industry in last two decades there is so much change in Pakistani dresses for boys. Young boys are now fond of this transformation. Today boys know how to wear dress on different occasions.

Latest Pakistani Dresses For Boys 2016-17

Casual dressings are good for random days such as a get together with friends’ family. Especially for this in summer boys should wear cotton jeans/chinos with full sleeve casual shirt, it could be plain or check with collar/ban collar. For family function, t shirt isn’t the right choice and in winter plain light weight sweater are best with lining shirt below the sweater and cotton jeans. Pakistani dresses for boys are quite different as compare to European boys. Now a day on baraat Pakistani boys are wearing sherwanis and kurtas which is the best choice rather than two piece suit.

Wedding functions of Pakistan are always full with sparkling clothes and splendid decoration. Kurtas for mehndi, sherwani for barat and suits for walima are the good choice of Pakistani dress for boys. Traditional dresses of Pakistan are getting good value in international market. Boys should also very careful for their dress regarding office. Dress shouldn’t be very flashy; it should be formal and matching. Color combination of a dress is the main part. If you are wearing black dress shirt than the pant should be light brown/grey. In other words currently Pakistani boys have gotten good sense regarding dress code but still it will take time to alter the dress sense of rest of paki boys.


pakistani dresses for men

pakistani dresses for men pakistani dresses for men pakistani dresses for men

pakistani dresses for men

pakistani dresses for men


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