Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world full of smiling people? I believe smiling to be contagious. What a wonderful epidemic smiling can be! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered if something could be more perfect about your face? Have you ever thought that maybe fixing your teeth and making them appear even would help? Maybe you have; and it’s a fact that even teeth that shine bright, a wonderfully shaped jaw and a perfectly crafted smile is not just capable of changing the way you look, but it can beautify your face as well. Smile shows and resembles agreement, unity, understanding or a gesture of acknowledgment. When we are happy or positive things are going on to us it displays in our face because we are smiling. Smile may have some negative undertone meaning to others but one thing definitely we can get a lot of benefits from smiling especially the positive and genuine one.

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Smiling article sent by Tehmina. She is a cute girl form Lahore.  She loves to travel in double decker bus, a ride that make her feel so good.

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