A dupatta is a long headscarf popular in traditional clothing of many Asian cultures. Also called a chunni, the scarf is commonly seen throughout India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The scarf can be draped over the head and shoulders in many different ways, and can be worn with everything from pantsuits to evening gowns. Muslim women wear the Muslim headscarf for religious reasons which means obeying the commandments of God. In Islam, the words of God are that the women should be modest and follow the principle of clothing. She should cover her beauty. At home or among family or in front of her husband there is no need to wear the Muslim headscarf. Many Muslim women wear the headscarf. Some of the women wear both head covering as well as the face veil which is called niqab. While other wear simple head scarves known as khimar. In some of the Muslim countries women have to wear the burqa and chador that covers them from head to foot. All these types of the Muslim headscarf which is said to follow the laws of God are called Hijab.

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This article sent by Maham, Ramsha and Sadia. They likes latest designing dress as well as crazy about headscarf. They are studying in Lahore university.

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