The Silk Road is the name for the trade route between the Mediterranean Sea and China. The first users of the road must have lived in the first half of the first millennium BCE, but the name ‘Silk road’ dates from the first century BCE. Its most famous traveler lived more than twelve hundred years later: Marco Polo of Venice (1254-1324 CE).

The Silk Road is basically an extensive trans-continental network of trade routes that connects East Asia, West Asia, South Asia as well as North Africa, North-east Africa and Europe with the Mediterranean world.It was named after the remunerative Chinese silk trade that started during the era of Han Dynasty – the second imperial dynasty of China who ruled between 206 BCE and 220 CE.

These Silk Road was basically meant for the exchange of lucrative goods like jewels, silk, satin fabrics, fine fabrics, perfumes, musk, medicines, spices, glassware and rhubarb etc between traders, merchants, missionaries, pilgrims, soldiers, urban inhabitants and nomads. It also served as a route for the spread of cultural, commercial and technological knowledge and ideas.

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