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Some people flow with the bliss and get things going smoothly with them in the field of engineering education. This set of people only needs to put just a little effort and the result is a brilliant performance in class tests results, quizzes, and examinations. Some other groups have to put in extra effort to achieve similar type of grade. No doubt, intelligence always comes in handy but there are so many A- graders in college today with average intelligence. This brings us to the question, what then is the trick involved?

Aside attending classes and engaging actively in the learning process, brilliant students always do a mental replay of lessons learn within 24 hours before the next day. This helps in consolidating understanding of course materials. Again, it also helps the students plan ahead. The right time to start preparing for an examination is the beginning of the semester.

Formulas are one of the most important tool to do business with during a study session. Formulas are definitions in mathematical expression. It is a good advice to jot down formulas and their parameters on a clean sheet of paper at first reading. Second reading should involve trying to make sense with the expressions by making silly rhythms. Rewriting the formulas on ten different sheets of paper, make them to be perfectly instilled to the memory.

As stated earlier, problems and solutions usually follow certain patterns. A good student always search and take notes of various patterns and try to make sense with them. To build their confidence and problem solving skills before examination or a test, they try to solve up to ten questions for each pattern of problem they can identify. Resolving each question on two different clean sheets of paper ensures good understanding.

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The writer of this article is Huma. Huma is an engineering student. For her upcoming exams Huma is working real hard to get grades as engineering studies require lot and lots of effort and hard work.

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