Lahore Prostitute Girls - Heera Mandi Girls

Lets explore about Heera Mandi. What is Heera Mandi in real and what history is behind it. We have four youtube videos to explain. Heera Mandi also known as Shahi Mohalla Pakistani prostitution place is a red-light district and a bazaar located in Taxali Gate, Lahore. The women here offer traditional and classical dances and was originally the center of the city’s tawaif culture in the Mughal era.
Heera Mandi – Part 1

Today, it is a centre of prostitution in Lahore under the veil of dances, such as mujra, a branch of classical South-Asian sensual dancing. While many Hijras also frequent the area and are involved in this dance culture.
Heera Mandi – Part 2

In the Mughal era, Heera Mandi was famous for dancing and music. People used to go here for a visual and musical treat. Beautiful girls (called kanjiries) used to sit in stall shaped balconies, called kothas, and ply their trade, the oldest profession in the world. The place was perhaps even more famous for singing and dancing.
Heera Mandi – Part 3

However, slowly the aesthetic pursuit became less arty and more tarty. Once prostitutes were hired by wealthy families to teach their children culture and social behavior. All that is left of a colorful, gay street with music and the echo of ghungroos coming from carved wooden porticos are old prostitutes lurking in filthy corners, a rotten smell and drug addicts. The area became the centre of prostitution in Lahore.
Heera Mandi – Part 4

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