In India teachers have to work at home preparing lectures as teaching first grade English language learners in mainstream classes how to read has already become a growing national problem that faces many new first grade teachers. In the beginning, teachers should use ongoing mini assessments to know first the starting points of instruction.

Teaching adults is very different than teaching students in a formal school setting. They are cognitively more mature and motivated. However during the first week of classes, I heard many ‘I can’t do it’ voices in the first week especially from the older adults, who were certain that English was simply a maze of grammatical forms and verbiage that they still couldn’t grasp thirty years earlier when they were in High School. In this particular type of situation, it is important to lay the ground rules while easing your adult students into a routine while helping them all along the way.

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Pari Singh is an educator and teaches in a high school. Pari is an English teacher and she loves teaching English as a second language to her students. Pari Singh thinks being a native English speaker or a non native English speaker literally means that you have a very very marketable skill at your disposal. English is in demand India and you can speak it what a great stroke of luck that is!

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