In my point of view if the men are good at creating and following a “top to bottom” hierarchy, and letting people know who is boss. Women, on the other hand create horizontal networks, and believe in nurturing relationships. Men will focus on business goals possibly to the exclusion of everything else, and fall back on logical reasoning during decision making. Women in business employ different techniques, giving greater importance to the process, or the means rather than the end. While men stand up for individual rights and entitlements, women are less likely to do so, preferring to go with group opinion. However, men are very good at mentoring and passing on their expertise to those younger or less experienced, but it’s rare to see women in business mentoring others, especially other women.

It is said that Bangalore is a city of IT. so there are many Software House in Bangalore in which women also work as well as with men. These girls are working side by side with the men and playing an important roll for development of their business and country too. Some more photos of these hardworking girls are going to appear nearly in future for you. Your positive comments will encourage these girls and increase their work efficiency. It is estimated that more than 25 million rural women of India have been benefited by the Self Help Groups (SHG). The socio-economic benefits include economic self independence, participation in village affairs and awareness about education. This article is aimed at providing a brief overview of functioning of SHG.

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This article sent by our new reader Amrita. Amrita and her friends presently working in a Software House in Bangalore. Actually Amrita want to describe women image in front of men in the business field. She is very hard working girl.

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