Samina Chourdy is an ex pat now based in Southern France (or the South of France), colloquially known as le Midi. Living in Midi-Pyrenees. Her father has a hotel in southern France. Southern France has beautiful coastlines and beaches and many ancient architectures that you would simply love to visit. Spending a holiday in the south of France is really a treat for the senses. Samina and her family is well settled because of tourism in South of France.

Samina is learning gardening in her college. The weather conditions in south-west France – mild spring and autumn, short winters and warm-hot summers, combined with regular spring rain and storms during the summer mean it is one of the most fertile parts of the country, and a region where you can see a wide range of gardens and plants.

The curious contrast that you will encounter when touring French gardens is between the French style and the more recent development – the English style garden. There is one problem that all gardens here face however, whether they are English style or French style – and that is Mother Nature. The great natural beauty of the countryside forces the gardeners to work as hard as possible, simply to compete with the scenery that surrounds them!

France is known of its flowers and beauty, while beautiful ex pats like Samina Choudry are adding their own taste and style to increase France’s beauty and diversifying it.


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