Dholki Girls

The Dholak¬† is a North Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese double-headed hand-drum Madal. The name Dholki may also refer to a slightly different instrument that uses highpitch tabla style syahi masala on its treble skin. This instrument is also known as Naal or Dholki (Hindi/Urdu: pipe or tube). It is basically also a dholak that is often a bit narrower in diameter. It’s treble skin is stitched with thread on an iron ring, similar to East Asian Janggu or Shime-daiko drums. This puts the skin into high tension before it is strung. The (Naal) skins are then fitted with a tabla style high pitch syahi.

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This article sent by Shumaila Nasreen from Lahore.  This is her own Dholki and when ever she goes on weddings of her relatives she brings it with her.

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