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Tips About Personal Finance Management

Oct 15, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Women In Business

Nirmal shares a little about finance management in her email. She writes that dealing with finances can be a tedious task especially if you have no idea of how to manage it. You also may not be in a position to trust another person to handle your finances. For this Nirmal tells that first of all you should plan a summary of how you intend to spend your income. When creating one, it is essential to write down your expenses in order of priority. You should also take both short and long term goals into account. A budget helps you allocate the necessary funds to a particular need or want.

Secondly Nirmal tells that you should reduce spending money on things like entertainment or eating out. You may be surprised how much you will have saved. Another way to manage your finances is if you are in the habit of using credit cards you have to be able to use them only when necessary and not for everyday use like for groceries.

About Author:

Nirmal Santosh belongs to beautiful city Bangalore. Nirmal has recently completed her specialization in finance management and is doing job with a famous company in Bangalore.

Iram makes people look beautiful and do their skin care. She is a Cosmetologist by profession (beautician). No matter how poor the economy or the unemployment rate, people are always willing to spend money to look more beautiful, and there will always be a demand for professional cosmetologists, estheticians and beauty specialists. So Iram decided to be a professional beautician with good training in cosmetology, and it took her just a few months to become certified.

Now Iram is a beauty specialist and planning to settle permanently in Gulf states. As Iram sees a good future there. Iram is certified in manicuring, skin care, hair styling, makeup application, electrolysis, waxing, and many other areas. Iram will choose a specialty, which can take about nine months for certification and would like to learn to be an esthetician (skin care specialist). An esthetician specializes in the study of skin care, including facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps (relaxing treatments which involve hot linens, plastic sheets, and blankets), salt glows (an exfoliation treatment), waxing as a form of hair removal, cosmetic make-up services and other services with advanced training. Estheticians may work independently in a spa or salon or may assist a doctor in his or her practice.

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Cosmetology Accedmy

This article has emailed by Iram. She is a Cosmetologist by profession (beautician). Now Iram is a beauty specialist and planning to settle permanently in Gulf states

Benefits of Learning Business Management Systems

Sep 28, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Women In Business

Samra says she was seeking a career with exciting challenges and personal responsibility so she applied to business administration school. Today’s businesses are looking for administrative leaders with formal training in business administration to oversee areas of human resources, financial processes, organizational management, and much more.

Business Administration Schools offer the education and expertise needed for exciting career opportunities and advancement in business and industry. A degree in Business Administration can open the door to success in all fields of business and all types of organizations, from the largest corporations to non-profits and small businesses.

When we asked Samra what should other students do, how can they set themselves for their career. Samra’s reply was, whether you are just starting out and just want to get some good, basic training in business, or you are an undergraduate seeking a graduate degree program, look to business administration schools, colleges and universities to help you reach your goals. Talk it over with the admissions departments to see if there are any prerequisites you must meet before enrolling; you can inquire about how long it will take to graduate, tuition costs, available financial aid, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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Study Business Administration

Samra Khan as you read earlier about Samra Khan is studying business administration. Samra sent us another photo due to the feedback she got from her last post. Samra also told us a little about her.

Luxurious Hotels in Singapore

Sep 23, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Women In Business

Sanniha writes in her email that she has come Singapore for Business meeting and staying in this luxurious hotel. She tells that the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel is one of the hotels in Singapore that caters to many business travelers. The newly renovated two-towered structure has very modern facilities and amenities.

Sanniha more tells that the hotel is in the business area of Singapore, near the prominent Singapore River. Popular establishments such as the Suntec City, Marina Square and many attractions of temples, churches and Chinatown are just around the perimeter. It is also near other areas of entertainment such as the Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. The National Museum is also a few minutes away.

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Bangalore Girl

Dear reader this photo is of Sanniha Raj from Bangalore. Sanniha is CEO of a multinational company. In the picture she is standing in Peninsula Excelsior Hotel Singapore.

What is Renewable Energy?

Sep 15, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Women In Business

Renewable Energy Supplier

Did you think before that you can use the free renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy to create electricity for your home? The solution becomes more easier than before, with the fact that the whole world is going to use clean renewable energies like solar and wind to power almost everything in the coming days. You can now build renewable energy power system.

The 21st century promises to hold many new possibilities and briefly into the new millennium, we’ve already hit a few obstacles. The “conflict” in Afghanistan & Iraq, our current economic “meltdown”, and the ever rising energy crisis are the big ones on everybody’s mind. But while we may not be able to do much to influence the first two problems, we can do much to combat our energy needs.

Many people are still wondering if renewable energy is the right way to go, considering the spike recently in electricity bills. As demand for energy resources increase in our world of ever decreasing supplies, it has become important that we learn how to harness renewable sources for making energy.

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The sender and the writer of this article is Anala. Anala is running one such company in India. She is providing renewable energy supplies to home users. She says its my dream to have a better clean world.

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