Toba Tek Singh is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located between 30°33′ to 31°2′ Degree north latitudes and 72°08′ to 72°48′ Degree longitudes. Toba Tek Singh is the headquarter of the district And the other cities are Pirmahal, Gojra and Kamalia. To its north is Jhang at a distance of 29 km which is a famous city., to south Kamalia at a distance of 30 km. Kamalia is famous for clothes, to east Gojra at 29 km, Gojra is famous for hockey. and to the west Shorkot at a distance of 29 km. There is airforce base in Shorkot cantt. Toba Tek Singh is situated to the west of Faisalabad and is connected with it both by road and railway. By rail, the distance from Faisalabad is 79 km.

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