The most obvious school event to build spirit is a pep rally. This usually involves the cheerleaders and the football team, but it can also be a way for all athletics to participate. Pep rallies during the fall months could include all the fall athletic teams while the same can be done in the spring. One way to get more teams involved is to create competitions such as “land versus water” that pits the football and baseball teams against the swim and water polo teams in a non-sports contest like a trivia quiz about school traditions. The best way to do this is to start getting involved with things in your school that don’t have anything to do with what happens in the classroom. You may have decided to become a teacher because you love helping kids, but you also need to show that you care about your school as well as your colleagues. To be a successful teacher in your first year, you’re going to have to put up some big numbers as far as hours spent after school go. You can be sure that your school administrators and other teachers will find out which car you drive, and will be keeping an eye out for when you arrive and leave. If they find that your car is always gone when they go out into the parking lot, they’ll assume you’re slacking, because they are aware that a good teacher is not a clock watcher.

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The contributor of this article is Anushka from Mumbai. Anushka is student of 10th class. She loves to play cricket and wants to join Indian national women cricket team in future.

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