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New Zealand The Most Attractive Study Abroad Destination

Nov 24, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Ex Pat

Zaria Farooq has sent this article from New Zealand. . She is in New Zealand these days for higher studies.  She writes in her email that New Zealand is most beautiful country of the world. And according to study point of view New Zealand is fast emerging as an attractive study abroad destination for international students. New Zealand Universities, Institutes of Technology and other educational institutions are known for the unique learning environment they provide. Over the past few years there has been a consistent growth in the number of overseas students choosing New Zealand as their study abroad destination. New Zealand is a modern, secular, democratic society with no ingrained class system. It has a clean, green, warm, friendly and safe environment.

Zaria is really impressed by the study atmosphere of New Zealand she says that New Zealand offers an education to help students take a leading place in the exciting global environment. Students are offered many state of the art facilities, and with many institutions spearheading several new technological developments, students have access to advanced technology during their academic tenure in New Zealand. Apart from the studies Zaria is really enjoying the beautiful tourist attractions of New Zealand. She spends most of her holidays traveling through the country. Well Zaria thank you so much for joining us we sure that our readers would really like to see you again here so please keep in touch.

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Zaria is one of our regular readers. She basically belongs to Karachi and these days studying in New Zealand. She has emailed us this article to share her views about study atmosphere of New Zealand.

Nagpur Girl Introducing Her Beloved City

Nov 24, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: World Cities

Nagpur Girls

Lets read a brief article on introduction of Nagpur city. Nagpur lies in the heart of India. It is located under the Vidarbha area of the state of Maharashtra. It is the third largest city in Maharashtra. It is well known throughout the world for its juicy oranges, so it earned the nickname of ‘The Orange City’. As it is situated in the center of India, many industries have come up in and around Nagpur taking advantage of the fact that all regions of India can be accessed easily with supply chain and distribution networks. There are chances of International Airport and an International Cargo Hub being set up at Nagpur. This will further give an encouragement to the economy in the region. Nagpur is known for wood and woodworking applications industry like furniture, along with cotton based industries.

Nagpur is also an education center. Nagpur. Students from all corners come to Nagpur to study. Nagpur University is among the oldest and most important universities in India. Among other subjects, Hindi and Sanskrit are an integral part of culture and tradition of Nagpur. Lots of engineering colleges and management schools have also come up in the city. The city of Nagpur is popular for their attitude of staying calm whenever there are in conflict with the rest of the Indian cities. The biggest hollow sputa called Deekshabhoomi is found in the city. It is one of the most significant places in the Dalit Buddhist Movement. There are various religious events celebrated in this city annually. One of these is the Ram Navami, celebrated with a shobha yatra which means huge float processions depicting the numerous proceedings from the Ramayana are present.

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Ankita (standing right) has emailed this article from Nagpur.  Ankita is doing masters in social sciences from Nagpur University.  The purpose of sending her photo Ankita tells that when she saw that many girls are introducing their cities and sharing knowledge, so she decided to introduce her city too.

An Introduction to Jabalpur City

Nov 24, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Student

Ujala has sent little introduction of her beloved city Jabalpur. Jabalpur is located in the Mahakoshal region in the geographic center of India and is one of the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. It was the 27th largest urban agglomeration in India in 2001 (2001 Census). Jabalpur city consists of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur Cantonment, Vehicle Factory, Gun Carriage Factory, Khamaria township and Panagar Municipal Board. Jabalpur is the first district in India to have obtained the comprehensive ISO-9001 certificate, which took effect April 1, 2007. The city dates from the nineteenth century. Jabalpur is headquarters for the western central division of Indian railways, and also houses the Madhya Pradesh High Court, the judicial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

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Jabalpur Girl

This article has sent by Ujala a medical student from Jabalpur. Ujala is studying in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical college which is formerly known as Government medical college Jabalpur.

The Jewel of the East Coast Visakhapatnam

Nov 23, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Indian Girls

This article is about  Visakhapatnam city. It is a coastal, port city, often called “The Jewel of the East Coast”, situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Visakhapatnam is second largest city of Andhra Pradesh with an area of 550 km, it is primarily an industrial city, apart from being a port city. It is also home to the Eastern Naval Command. Kailasagiri is the best evening destination for vizagites. It gives a beautiful view of the vizag, the sea and the mountains.All these make vizag the beautiful city with a hot and sultry climate.

Alternatively, the city sometimes goes by its now mostly defunct colonial British name, Waltair. During the colonial era, the city’s hub was located at the Waltair railway station, and that part of the city still goes by the name of Waltair. It is sometimes also referred to as the “City of Destiny”.

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Visakhapatnam Girl

Zeenat is a college student and doing her graduation. Her main subject of interest and study is Home Economics.

Important Information About Biotechnology

Nov 23, 2009 Author: Guru | Filed under: Tech

Here is some really very important information about Biotechnology and its uses. Biotechnology is the branch of science that works with living organisms and the researches their functions. It has advance a great deal in the past few years and now is practically ubiquitous in our day to day lives. Biotechnology has been incorporated in the manufacture of many different products and has had resounding success in the field of medicine. The knowledge gained from the research carried on in the field of biotechnology has helped in the medicinal values of materials that before this were never imagined and made available different and new means to deal with challenges that have wrought the path of humans. This field has been growing rapidly and has made numerous advancements and breakthroughs over the last few years. It is still a highly controversial field and the reviews it has received have been mixed owing to the fact that it can be used to manipulate science.

Despite its breakthroughs this field is still in its infancy and as such is quite far away from making big profits. Few companies though have gained hugely from this science but the number of these is very limited. Since this field is mainly about research it requires large funding. These funds can be a drain on the company if the field is not really producing monetary results. Biotech companies essentially blend science and engineering to produce results. Their main aim is the welfare of the society and to that end focus on the production of medicines, food items and recycling. These companies can be divided into three main sectors namely – medicinal, agricultural and industrial. But the main developments have been in the medicinal field. They have been focusing on discovering cures for dangerous and incurable diseases.

Medical Biotechnology is mainly used in the production of drugs. Many of these companies have made breakthroughs and created cures for many different diseases. This technology has been mainly used in this field to deal with the medicinal value of plants. Plants have great healing powers if used in the right quantities or combinations. These studies are carried out by researching different plants and identifying each one’s medicinal properties. Then these properties are tested against different strains of bacteria to figure out is they are effective against them and to what extent. This is a time consuming process and the research just cannot be rushed. The safety of the consumers is at the very top of their priorities and as such they have to make very sure of each study.

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Ranchi Girl

The sender of  this article is Alina,  studying in Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke. Alina is pursuing studies in biotechnology. Alina is also looking for a career in agricultural biotechnology. Alina is looking for like minded friends.

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