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Chennai Girl Introducing Her Beloved City

Apr 18, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Indian Girls


Chennai  formerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai being the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the fifth most populous city in India, it is also the world’s 36th largest metropolitan area. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai city had a population of 4.34 million in the 2001 census within the area administered by the Corporation of Chennai and an extended Metropolitan Population of 6.5 million. .

The urban agglomeration of metropolitan Chennai has an estimated population over 8.2 million people. Chennai’s economy has a broad industrial base in the car, computer, technology, hardware manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The city is India’s second largest exporter of software, information technology (IT) and information-technology-enabled services (ITES). A major chunk of India’s car manufacturing industry is based in and around the city.

Chennai Zone contributes 39 per cent of the State’s GDP. Chennai accounts for 60 per cent of the country’s automotive exports, which leads it to be called as ‘The Detroit of Asia’.

About Author:

This article is sent by Revathi Sharma from Chennai through email. She belongs to a rich family, her father does the business of import export. Revathi is student of 2nd year. She spends most of her time using internet after coming back from college.

Murree – Tourist Attraction Place In Pakistan

Apr 17, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Pakistani Girls

Murree (Punjab, Pakistan) provides a different atmosphere from much of the rest of Pakistan and the Punjab. Its location ensures cooler climates to much of the rest of the country thanks to the Himalayas, thus making it a perfect resort town for tourists who, as well as enjoying the cooler climate, can also enjoy an atmosphere inhabited by many rare animals, including the beautiful leopard. This ensures Murree remains a wonderful amalgamation of cultures within Pakistan, and this has influenced the food we create, making it unique from any other Indian Restaurant. The town has evolved since this time, with both native and foreign residents living peacefully with each other and sharing cultures and traditions that give Murree an atmosphere quite unlike anything else you may experience in Asia. Couple this with the wonderful climate and beautiful scenery and you have a place that has a claim to being paradise on Earth, and is the perfect inspiration for some stunning food.

About Author:

This article sent by Tania Zohaib from Murree. Tania is student of 3rd year and  in Murree Girls College.

Sukkur – The Third Largest City in Sindh

Apr 17, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Pakistani Girls


Sukkur, or Sakharu  is the third largest city of Sindh province, situated on the west bank of Indus River in Pakistan in Sukkur District. One conjecture is that when Arabs invaded Sukkur (Sindh) in the 8th century, they found an extreme climate, and called it Saqar, which means intense.

However, the word Sakharu in Sindhi means “superior”, which the spelling of the city’s name in Sindhi suggests is the origin of the name. Sukkur is nicknamed Darya Dino meaning the gift of river), as without the Indus the city would be a desert.people of sukkur are sindhis(70%),urdu (17.5%),punjabi(8%),pushto (1.5%),baloch(1%),and others 2%.

About Author:

This article sent by Rukhsar Baloch from Sakhar.  Rukhsar has recently passed her 10th exam and is going to take admission in government girls college Sakhar.

Wedding Ceremonies of Pakistan

Apr 17, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Sialkoti Girls

najma_gulDemographically, Pakistan is divided in rural hinterland and urban areas. Common among marriages in rural and urban areas are Mangnee, Mayoon, Mehndi, Nikah, Valima and living happily ever after. But the way these colourful rituals are performed greatly vary.

Rural areas of Pakistan still remain a largely conservative society, where many young people shy away when it comes to marriages. Exceptions apart, arranged marriages are a cornerstone of rural society. It remains the responsibility of parents and marriages are mostly among people within the same tribe, caste, community, family or locality.

This is what happens in rural areas with some minor changes from place to place: After initial understanding and covert messages between families of prospective spouses, the boy’s relatives visit the girl’s family and offer the proposal, on formal acceptance the mangni (engagement) takes place, marriage date is fixed, groom, with friends and relatives goes to the house of the bride in the form of barat (marriage procession) where the nikah (social contact) is performed. The consent of the bride and the groom to the marriage (ijab and qubool) in the presence of at least two witnesses is obtained to solemnize the contract as per the commandment of divine Islam. Guests are served with sumptuous food (notwithstanding what the law of the land says about the feast). Groom brings home his the bride. This is followed by Valima. Life goes on . . .

About Author:

The sender and writer of  this article is Najma Gul who belongs from a village of Sialkot. Najma is doing MBA from universtiy of Punjab.

Home Decoration Tips By Arooba

Apr 14, 2009 Author: Tabi | Filed under: Faisalabad Girls

Home decoration can bring a different environment for your home. It freshens the look of your home and gives your eyes the soothing comfort. Do you want to If you are tired of the same old color of your house walls, you can brighten it up by adding additional colors to your walls. Instead of putting only one color, try adding two or more colors maybe darker or lighten than the present color. This will give life to the room and will brighten the color combination. Avoid putting colors that contradicts one another like brown and yellow. You also can use Mirrors to decorate your home. Mirrors can be a good addition to your home decoration. Mirrors are used to brighten up the room. It reflects the light from the sun during the day giving your room a natural light.  Large mirrors are better. Try putting it across your windows or doors for an even light color distribution. Curtains can also be a good for home decoration. Walls and windows can be added with curtains for more dramatic look. In fact, curtains are used my years ago. Until now, it is still one among the important material in home decoration. It is also used as a drapery for privacy. Open doorways can be added with curtain if you want some privacy. Choose a color that will complement the color of your walls and windows. This will give your room a better look. Flowers can also be a nice home decoration. It is like bringing your garden inside your house. Put a vase in the center table and place varieties of flower in a very stunning flower arrangement. It can be placed anywhere.Plus, finding flower is never a hustle. There are many flower stalls around your area. Choose the fresh flowers that can stay for days. Aside from that, also consider the colors of the flower you will be putting inside your house. These are some of the simple home decoration tips you can follow and easily beautify your home.

About Author:


These useful home decoration tips share by readers Arooba Zeeshan. Arooba is lives in Faisalabad. Arooba have completed her graduation recently. Currently she stay at home.  She spend her leisure time in doing creative things.

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